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MOSS 2007 - content level backup with Backup Exec 2010


Use Backup Exec Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) to enable a recovery of individual documents from the database backup. It enables the restore of individual documents, images, sites, sub-sites, lists, and list items from database backups. This option is only available when you perform full backups. The option is not available if differential back up database changes only has been selected as the backup method. You must have a current version of the Remote Agent for Windows Systems on the SharePoint server when you run the GRT-enabled backup job.

You can restore the following individual items:

Portal sites and their associated databases
Windows SharePoint Services sites and their associated databases
Document library stores (Web Storage System-based)
Individual documents that are contained in Document or Picture libraries (Web Storage System-based or Microsoft SQL Server-based)
Lists, sites, and sub-sites


The System Logon Account (a backupexec service account) is the owner of the MOSS_CONFIG database on the SQL server

Backup Exec agent is listening on the port TCP 10000 on Backup Exec, SQL and MOSS servers

The backupexec service account is a member of the local admins group on Backup Exec, SQL and MOSS servers

If these requirements are not met, you will probably get an error during creation of a backup job. I got this one:

"Failed to access ConfigurationV3-DB (SERVERNAME\MOSSProd_SharePoint_Config)
Logon account: System Logon Account"

Note: If TCP 10000 was assigned to something else, Backup Exec agent will get another port, but then it won’t be able to talk to the server (this was what happened in my case). If the BE agent was assigned another port, it will be recorded here:



ndmp 11000/tcp #Network Data Management Protocol

In my case, the port was assigned to MOSS admin console and NDMP was auto-assigned TCP 11000. This prevented me from creating a backup job, so I assigned another port to MOSS admin console and NDMP switched back to its default port after I restarted the backupexec service.

In a KB article below, Symantec says that the BE media and agent servers can talk even if they were configured to listen on different ports, but that did not work in my case. However, the ports can be changed if needed, but it might be necessary to set the new port on all BE agents in order to avoid any potential issues caused by mismatching ports.

Create a backup job:

To create a backup job, simply select the INTRANET check box under Microsoft SharePoint Server Farms, then test if the selected account has access to the content, choose a device and media set, and make sure that the option “Use Backup Exec GRT…” is selected.

Restoring the content:

In case you need to restore something, run a restore wizard and search for the content under the INTRANET object. The files can be restored to an alternate location, such as a network share.

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