Saturday, 30 April 2011

Excluding files and processes from virus scanning

Important notes:

- You risk less by specifying files instead of folders.
- Wildcard symbols used in paths of files or folders will slow down the scanning process.
- In McAfee ePO, exclusions from parent policies have to be reset in child policies.
- It is recommended to exclude backup processes, either completely or just for on-read operations (in McAfee this is achieved by defining the processes in the Low-Risk policy).

Antivirus exclusions for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Citrix Guidelines for Antivirus Software Configuration
Antivirus Software Configuration Guidelines for Access Essentials/XenApp
Required Antivirus Software Configuration for the EdgeSight Agent
Best Practices for Symantec Endpoint Protection on Citrix and Terminal Servers

Mcafee & DB2
Files and folders to exclude from virus scanning and scheduled system backups

How to manage file and folder exclusions in VirusScan Enterprise 8.x
Understanding High-Risk, Low-Risk, and Default processes configuration and usage

Microsoft products
Windows Anti-Virus Exclusion List

Recommendations for antivirus exclusions that relate to MOM 2005 and to Operations Manager 2007

MS Dynamics/CRM

MS Exchange and Outlook
Exchange and antivirus software
File-Level Antivirus Scanning on Exchange 2010
MS Exchange 2003 - Anti-Virus folder exclusions have not been configured
MS Exchnage 2007 - Planning Antivirus Deployment
MS Outlook 2003/2007/2010
Plan antivirus scanning for Outlook 2010

Antivirus software may cause IIS to stop unexpectedly
A 0-byte file may be returned when compression is enabled on a server that is running IIS

MS Lync
Antivirus Scanning Exclusions for Lync Server 2013

Guidelines for choosing antivirus software to run on the computers that are running SQL Server

Considerations when using antivirus software on FF Edge Products
Event ID 5, event ID 14079, and event ID 14176 are logged in the Application log on your Internet Security and Acceleration Server computer

MS Virtualization
Virtual machines are missing in the Hyper-V Manager Console or when you create or start a virtual machine, you receive one of the following error codes: "0x800704C8", "0x80070037" or "0x800703E3"
Virtual machines run very slowly in Virtual PC 2004 or in Virtual Server 2005

MS Windows and Active Directory
Virus scanning recommendations for Enterprise computers that are running currently supported versions of Windows
Antivirus software that is not cluster-aware may cause problems with Cluster Services
How antivirus software and System Restore work together
Managing Antivirus Software on Active Directory Domain Controllers

Configuring antivirus exclusions in a System Center Service Manager environment
SCCM 2007 - Performance Configuration Recommendations
Antivirus programs may contribute to file backlogs in SMS 2.0 and in SMS 2003

Certain folders may have to be excluded from antivirus scanning when you use a file-level antivirus program in SharePoint
Microsoft's Position on Antivirus Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server
Random errors may occur when antivirus software scans Microsoft Web Storage System in SharePoint Portal Server 2001 and in SharePoint Portal Server 2003

Anti-Virus Practices for VMWare View
How to improve disk I/O performances with VMware Workstation

Multiple symptoms occur if an antivirus scan occurs while the file or the file is copied

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